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04/25/10 06:51 PM #1    


Robert A. F. Bartlett

Welcome to the St Augustine's College High School Class Of 1971 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

07/11/11 11:20 PM #2    

Roslyn Lewis (Astwood (Rev'd))

Good Night ALL!

A very special thank-you to all of the committee members of our 40th reunion. Yyou did an excellent job. Special thanks to Eugene and Basil for hosting us.

It was such a delight to be with you and I was so blessed seeing persons I had not seen for the forty years.

Let us continue to be in touch and keep each other in prayer. May the blessings of God be upon each of you and your families.

Love to all!

Roslyn Lewis-Astwood(Pastor).

08/11/11 07:50 PM #3    

Carita Wells


To All of those classmates who came together to produce a model: reunion, web-cite,photo,parties, music, dancing,good food,drinks, concert,gifts, laughter and warmth---


Let the WORD go out, that Lord willing, we will do this again.  


I recognize as a participant, all of this was no small feat. I am so glad I was there. I took it all in.


I was floating!  The colours just splashed everwhere. The dancing was risque and carefree.


Would you, my friends, let me know ASA you know when anything is planned (if I'm invited).

That will afford me time for plane reservations etc.  I'm lucky to be able to stay with my family,so

I'll be there whenever I can.  

Thank you all again for the rejuvenation. 

Love     Candy

08/11/11 10:20 PM #4    

Shelley DeGregory (Darville)

Carita, you know you're the life of our parties and we've come to 'expect' you at all events! Stay tuned, we're planning possible Sept 10th cruise on fabulous Bohengy/Fast Ferry which seats 390.

08/13/11 11:55 AM #5    

Carita Wells


Thanx for your whisper of Sept 10,2011.   Fast ferry is a speed I'd love to try!! I'll  "reserve"

the date/weekend!  It's fun to plan to be with friends like you!!! Don't you know it?

Luv, Candy

08/13/11 12:46 PM #6    

Carita Wells

 Hi Daphne- I saw your question ,Where are the Photos?

They are in MEMORIES the 4th one down on the left under JFK.

Click on. It takes U to the Photo Galleries.  left click on any gallery's photo.

all the shots in that gallery will progress as a slide show.  Arrows on the right & left move it forward or back on a click.   

Basil & Margot's bunch had a great shot of Your Hubby.... 

I want to make a "gallery" of my favourite shots.




09/30/11 11:49 AM #7    


Beverley Pottinger (Howell)

I want to wish a Happy belated Birthday to all those with birthdays this month.  I wish you God's blessings and many more years of good health, love and prosperity.

03/27/12 09:03 AM #8    

Philip Galanis


Of all the people that I know, you are perhaps the only political purist --- one who is singularly focused, direct, and always on point, even if we sometimes disagree. That has always been a wonderful quality that we all find so refreshing, along with you sharp wit, your quick humor and your full appreciation for living in the moment.  These are all qualities that will hopefully ensure that you have a long, enjoyable, fruitful and happy life.  On this you special day, Tonya, Zoe and I would like to wish you a very happy birthday and pray God’s blessings that you will enjoy many, many more. 

Have a Happy Birthday!


07/15/12 02:14 AM #9    

Gregory Bonamy

phil, just this.

11/05/12 07:57 AM #10    

Bonnie Nguyen

Happy bday chippie! Hang in there tightly. God's blessings! Enjoy your day!

01/21/13 10:15 PM #11    

Bonnie Nguyen

Hey old girl Gertie!! Enjoy your bday. You are a fun loving gal so i know you are somewhere having FUN!

01/21/13 10:15 PM #12    

Bonnie Nguyen

Hey old girl Gertie!! Enjoy your bday. You are a fun loving gal so i know you are somewhere having FUN!

01/21/13 10:15 PM #13    

Bonnie Nguyen

Hey old girl Gertie!! Enjoy your bday. You are a fun loving gal so i know you are somewhere having FUN!

02/04/13 09:30 PM #14    

Bonnie Nguyen

Thanks for all the bday wishes! Much appreciated! Had a wonderful trip n ate too much but  healthy alive have a job n good friends!

12/17/13 11:04 AM #15    


Beverley Pottinger (Howell)

I would like to wish all of you and your families good fortune, love and many blessings for the holidays.

"Learn from yesterday, live for today and hope for tomorrow".


04/26/14 05:04 PM #16    

Shelley DeGregory (Darville)


Have a great day...hope you see many more happy & healthy birthdays.



01/18/18 06:01 PM #17    


Calvin Missick

I would like to give my deepest sympathy to Rev Allison Pinder , on the passing of his wife Andrea. May God give u and your family comfort in this your time of Sorrow.

12/26/18 05:05 AM #18    

Kenneth Lewis

Please allow me this opportunity to wish the entire class of 1971 a wonderful and blessed Christmas, with all the joys and celebration with family and friends which the Season brings.  As you enter into a new year (2019), may grace, mercy and the love of God follow all of you, and may the blessings of God Almighty be with you throughout the year and the years to come.

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